How to Avoid Bloating During PMS

Bloating and PMS go hand in hand. While some women are blessed with not having any problems there are others who face an array of issues like cramping, the worst being bloating. Choosing the right food during these days is the key to a healthy menstrual cycle.

During this time you must avoid eating oily foods like fries and burgers. Anything that has been fried is your enemy. The oils in these foods do not get processed and cause severe bouts of acidity and eventually make you feel bloated.

You must avoid salty food as well. Chips and crisps that are salt based are not a very wise option.

Try and get as much physical exercise as you can. While a cardio workout is not going to take you a long way it will help to give you a good night’s sleep. Try aerobics and jogging. You must remember that you stand to benefit more from a brisk run in the open rather than a workout indoors as you have access to pure unadulterated oxygen. Yoga is a good choice as well. Most of the yoga exercises deal with meditation and this helps to reduce any stress that you may be going through as a result of the PMS.

If you feel bloated then avoid eating a wholesome meal. You rather eat a salad or a sandwich without any dressing. Just sprinkle some olive oil on the vegetables to give you the needed flavor. Avoid eating red meats as they are heavier to digest. Chicken is a lighter option. A grilled version of chicken will be extremely nutritious and satisfying.

Spread your meals out through the day. Instead of eating four meals eat six to seven smaller meals so that you do not feel uneasy. Eat your food slowly and avoid taking during your meal so that you do not swallow any air. These unwanted pocket or air form gas bubbles in your stomach that make you feel bloated and you experience acidity.