How To Avoid Cancer

A healthy well balanced diet with regular exercise helps to improve your health. Research has proved that leading that kind of a lifestyle helps to keep cancer at bay.

When you eat a healthy diet devoid of fats and fast food you maintain your weight and in turn have lesser chances of contracting the disease. Food has a huge say is fighting and preventing cancer.

Avocados are a rich source of potassium and beta carotene and scientist have proved that eating them regularly can help to fight against cancer of the liver and prevent liver damage as well.

Carrots are another source of beta carotene that helps to cure prostate, lung, breast and intestine cancer. However it has not been proved that eating carrots will cure or prevent cancer unless eaten in kilos daily and we all know that it is not possible. However, you must include them in your daily diet in conjunction with other helpful fruits and vegetables.

Garlic a herb that is found in many kitchens are known for their powers to boost your immune system and fight cancer causing bacteria from spreading. Studies that proved that garlic supplements have the same effects as incorporating it in your diet. Add it to soups, salads or meat preparations.

Mushrooms of all kinds produce a protein tat helps to fight cancerous cells and prevents them from spreading and multiplying.

Oranges and lemons help to break down cancer causing substances in your body.

All nuts contain anti oxidants and are helpful in curing cancers of all kinds. However, if you have an allergic reaction to them then you must avoid consuming them.

A new secret weapon tat has been discovered in the cure of cancer is olive leaves. These are extremely bitter to taste and aren’t very edible when eaten independently, however, you can try adding them to food preparations to consume them indirectly.

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