How to Avoid Eating Junk Food and Gaining Weight

Eating junk food not only increases your waist line but it also brings a number of health related issues along with it. You are at risk of heart diseases, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis and several other dangers. The key to better health and a slimmer waist line is to reduce the amount of junk food that you eat daily.What is junk food?

Food that is low on nutritional values but is addictive is known as junk food. Deep fried foods fall in this category. They fill up your stomach and load you up with calories however lack nutrients and essential minerals that your body requires to perform its daily activities. Caffeine drinks like colas and sodas fall in this category.

How to avoid eating junk food?

You tend to jump onto a bag of crisps when you are hungry and in need of a snack or in a social gathering where it is available in plenty. One must avoid these circumstances as far as possible. Always keep a healthy snack with you. After breakfast when you rush out the door on your way to work, you often come across several food vendors that have tempting foods to serve. In order to avoid giving into temptation here you must carry a snack with you. A simple snack like a sandwich or a fruit will suffice. Always have a bottle of water handy to keep you away from the aerated drinks. Fresh fruit juice packs must be one of the things with you at all times. They help to hydrate your skin.

If a social gathering is going to be the temptress then there is little you can do. The best solution here is to eat a good meal before you set out for the gathering. This helps to eat lesser junk food.

Good snack options instead of junk food are dry fruits, vegetables and fruits, salads and sandwiches with low fat salad dressings and sandwich spread, fresh fruit juices. In addition to the above, it is important that you not give up your favorite food but just choose healthier options to the foods that you crave.

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