How To Avoid Getting Foot Blisters – Tips and Remedies

Blisters on any part of the body can be very painful. It gets even worse when you get a blister on your foot as it impairs your walk and you may even find it difficult to get your feet into a pair of shoes. Even children are known to get blisters on the feet if their shoes don’t fit right. 

Though blisters are not harmful they are painful and are known to get filled with pus and even blood; in both cases they could lead to an infection. Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting painful blisters on your feet.

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Since blisters on the feet are mainly caused by ill fitted shoes it is a good idea to get a shoe fitting once a year. This will save you a lot of pain and reduce the possibility of getting scars on your feet. Though you may not be aware your feet size may change. The best season to get a fitting is after winter- you gain weight in winter so this is the best time for a fitting.

You need to choose comfort over every other aspect when you are picking out your footwear. Buy shoes in soft and comfortable fabrics and don’t pay too much attention to the latest trends. You also need to pay attention to the signs that your body sends out.

Beneficial Tips To Avoid Getting Foot Blisters 

If your skin reacts negatively to a certain fabric you must avoid wearing it completely. Most women and children are unable to wear leather as it is rough and it the leading cause of foot blisters. Analyze the way your foot reacts to a fabric and make your decisions accordingly.

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In order to avoid blisters on your feet you need to pamper them and condition them well. Using body butters and creams on your feet after a bath and before you jump into bed softens the skin on the feet and reduces the possibility of blisters forming on your feet.


Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes every night in order to get rid of the dead skin and flaky skin on your feet. You must also use a pumice stone to exfoliate your feet every night to ensure that you don’t have any dead skin on your feet.

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Don’t wear shoes that are too tight or loose as the constant friction of the shoe against the skin will lead to blisters forming on your feet.Try these handy tips to help you prevent blisters forming on your feet.

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