How to Avoid Miscarriage

The loss of pregnancy before 20 to 24 weeks is termed as miscarriages. Generally it occurs in initial two trimesters and possibility decreases in the third trimester. However sometime the complications when not treated may lead to miscarriage in third trimester also.

As a matter of fact pregnancy period is very critical period for a woman. She feels very excited and overjoyed when she thinks about the new baby coming in her life. However in unfortunate events she has to face painful situations like miscarriage. Therefore it is very important to have a basic know of causes of miscarriage and tips to avoid miscarriage.

Various hormonal and chemical changes occurring in the body of a woman when she becomes pregnant lead to a number of health complications. Sometimes the hormonal changes may also lead to the problem of miscarriage. Other causes of miscarriage may include chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc. Cervix weakness and resistant disorders and chromosome imperfection are also the factors leading to the problem of miscarriage. Proper and balanced diet, intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and intake of sufficient amount of water are the key factors required to maintain a good health during pregnancy.

As all of us know that we cannot take over the counter drugs without prescription of a doctor. Moreover, these drugs may have adverse effects on the body. Hence, it is advisable to go for home based remedies which are safe in all respects. Consumption of ascorbic acid is very helpful in avoiding miscarriage. Take 10 grams of ascorbic acid, take this daily in the morning for one week. This will be very effective in avoiding miscarriage.

Consumption of amla is also very helpful in avoiding miscarriage. It also helps in curing other diseases. Take 1 teaspoonful of honey, mix some amla powder in it. Taking this on a regular basis will be very effective in avoiding miscarriage. Smoking and drinking are not good for the health of pregnant woman as well as for the baby, hence you are advised to avoid smoking and drinking during pregnancy. In case of any complications, you are advised to consult a doctor.