How to Avoid Over Eating When You are Bored or Depressed

You often find yourself munching when you are bored. It gets worse when you are depressed; then you find yourself binging and that too on all the wrong kinds of food. Sweets like cookies, cookie dough and chocolates and chips are a common boredom treat.

In order to avoid binging you must ask yourself if you are really hungry when you are at the kitchen counter or standing with your head buried deep in the refrigerator. To cool yourself or the thought of food in your head you can help yourself to a glass of water, it will quench your thirst at the same time keeps you energized. It will also help to you’re your stomach thereby making you eat lesser. Water can never be a bad option. If you must eat something; then a few celery sticks or carrot sticks are a good option. When you are eating, sit down and have your snack. Chew slowly and avoid gulping as you wil ingest air that will lead to acidity.

While you are in the kitchen and boredom has gotten to you to a point of desperation; you can try and tidy up a little. Look to arrange the counter or the drawers or maybe rearrange things. If there is nothing that you can do then a good option would be to read a book or watch a movie. A good nap may help to get rid of the boredom or try exercising for a few minutes. Get physical to get rid of boredom or depression.

Always keep your refrigerator and pantry stocked with healthy food like yogurt, fruits, nuts and veggies for occasions like these that may lead you screaming towards the sugar bowl. Keep foods that you can eat right out of the pack, the kinds that don’t need any preparation. It helps to grab them immediately and start munching. A few biscuit crackers and low fat cream crackers are always something that will make you happy.

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