How To Avoid Over Sleeping In Order To Be Fit

How To Avoid Over Sleeping In Order To Be Fit

As the weather turns and winter lays its cold bare hands onto the earth I feel like one of nature’s creatures looking for a spot to hide or a rock to crawl under. Winter is the time when I tend to over sleep. The cold weather clubbed by a warm comforter and lack of enthusiasm to do anything but prepare for the holidays makes me lazy.

This is not an uncommon situation though I try my best to prevent it. There is nothing wrong with lazing around on days when you are not scheduled to do too much; however if this condition leads you to miss out on important meetings and skip days at work then you are in trouble.

There is plenty you can do to avoid this condition. Firstly you need to set a bedtime routine for yourself. A schedule will help you to fall asleep at a certain time and wake up within a few hours. It prevents you from extending your sleep times.

Bed Routine

Build a bedtime routine around activities like having a bath before you sleep, drinking a cup of warm milk or reading a book. These are excellent ways to unwind and relax. Avoid watching the television or using the computer before bedtime. These lead to you taking longer to sleep and thereby lazing around longer when you need to wake up.


Exercising is also a good way to ensure that you are not spending more time sleeping than you need to. When you exercise your body exerts itself and releases toxins from within thereby cleansing your system. It also helps the body to relax at night and get quality sleep. In addition to this exercising also keeps the body alert and ensures that it gets quality sleep.

Focusing on your diet is also a good way to prevent over sleeping. Avoid eating pork; it is known to make you sleep more than you need to. You must also avoid drinking too many caffeine based drinks.


If none of these remedies work and you still sleep more than you need to then yon need to visit a doctor as your sleep patterns may be a sign of a health disorder.