How to Avoid PMS

Pre menstrual syndrome is a curse for most women. While the symptoms range from physical to emotional trauma; most women are unable to control the symptoms. Fatigue, general body aches and pains and distress are some of the physical discomforts while the emotional discomforts range from depression to temper tantrums. These occur a few days before your periods arrive and area syndrome dreaded by women and their spouses alike.

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to reduce this discomfort that you experience every month.

Exercising is a good way to take your mind off the irritation and pain. Avoid strenuous exercise routines and weights. Choose yoga, aerobics or simple jogging. If you are into brisk walks; then have your favorite music on your MP3 and you will elevate your mood in no time.

During the week before your periods; Avoid caffeine in all forms. Coffee and sodas should be avoided. These add to the symptoms that you are facing. Drink plenty of water. Fresh fruit juices help to keep you hydrated and less moody.

Keep stressors at bay. If a person or situation offends you in some way then take care to avoid or have it eliminated.

Have a heavy breakfast. A huge bowl of porridge, cereals, eggs and toast and bacon will keep you in high spirits through the day. This is especially true if you love to eat. Add green leafy vegetables to your main meals. Keep fresh fruits and juices for snack time.

Avoid all kinds of meat during the week prior to your periods. They tend to cause acidity at this point in time and add to your irritation. Reduce the intake of milk, cheese and other dairy products as they tend to bloat you.

Keep your body cool. Avoid hot temperatures as they tend to add frustration. Stay in a well ventilated room especially at night. Wear comfortable clothing that help your skin to breathe and avoid perspiration.

Indulge in leisure activities that will keep your mind at ease.