How To Avoid Premature Graying Of Hair

Maintaining healthy and beautiful hair in today environment is really a tough task. Premature graying has become a common problem today. However, in ancient time graying of hair could be observed only in the old age and was considered to be a normal thing in those days.

Today a considerable fraction of youth population is facing the problem of premature graying of hair. Due to premature graying of hair a person looks older than his or her actual age and hence can lead to an inferiority complex in young generation. However due to rapid change in life style and growing population in environment, the problem of premature graying of hair cannot be avoided.

A close care and due attention is required to maintain healthy and good looking hair. Though there are no health hazards of premature graying of hair but it can lead to stress and depression in some cases. Blackness of hair is due to the substance called melanin which is produced by the follicles. Hence if, due to some reason, the production of melanin gets stopped, the blackness of hair vanishes and premature graying of hair occurs.

There are various factors responsible for premature graying of hair. These can be stress and strain in day to day life, hectic life style, worries, intake of food which is low in necessary nutrients, unhygienic life style, using artificial drying of hair etc. In order to keep hair black and beautiful, one should take fresh fruits and vegetables. Intake of sufficient amount of water also helps in avoiding premature graying of hair.

Hair roots can be made stronger by intake of curry leaves on a regular basis. Using these leaves as a part of spice in food helps in keeping hair healthy. Amla is also very effective in keeping hair black and healthy. It is also the most effective way for the treatment of premature graying of hair. Take few dry pieces of amla, boil them into coconut oil to make charred ash. Use this to avoid premature graying of hair.