How to Avoid Swollen Legs and Ankles When you are Pregnant

While pregnancy is a thing of joy, the pains that you endure to reach that final bundles of joy is extreme and harsh. It leaves a woman distressed and uncomfortable. Fortunately for use there are several natural remedies to cure this position that we are in.

The key to avoiding swollen feet is to remain hydrated always. In some cases your body swells up due to dehydration. You need more than the average amount of water and about 10 to 12 glasses will keep you fit. You must remember that you need to increase the amounts of everything that you consume to stay fit.

Another thing that is really important is to remain calm and relax during the entire term of your pregnancy. For first time mothers that is always difficult as to the number of people that offer their advice and experiences may not always be a positive experience for you. On the other hand your pervious experiences may also hamper your relaxation. If you are particularly stressed then you must try yoga or meditation to help you to relax.

A massage helps to take you a long way. Ask your spouse or birthing partner to massage your back and legs every night. This will help to reduce the swelling on your feet and reduce back pain as well. Always massage in circular motion as it helps to increase blood circulation and improves the flow of blood in order to prevent swelling.

You can also use aromatic oils like lavender or rosemary to avoid your legs from getting swollen. Add a few drops of these oils to your bath water. Soak in them for a few minutes. Aromatic candles help in the same way.

Reduce the amount of sodium that you intake. This helps to reduce the swelling on your feet drastically.

When you sleep you must elevate your feet with pillows or cushions in order to have good blood circulation.

Take a short walk t ostrich your legs. This will definitely help to improve circulation.