How to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

Unwanted Pregnancy

The term abortion describes termination of pregnancy before the child is actually born. Abortion within few weeks of the pregnancy is simple but it becomes quite complicated after 16 weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes abortion occurs suddenly due to unknown reasons and this type of abortion is termed as miscarriage.

Generally miscarriage happens before twenty four weeks of the pregnancy. However, in general, abortion is ending of unwanted pregnancy. Abortion has direct impact on the health of a woman and hence it is important to know about the health aspects after abortion. The complications related to pregnancy and the abortion grow as the number of weeks of pregnancy increases. Hence if it is an unwanted pregnancy, one should take an early step for the abortion.

Proper Safety Measurement

You should consult your doctor before and after abortion. It will help you maintain a good health. In most of the cases the condition of abortion occurs due to unsafe sexual intercourse. If a woman doesn’t want to get pregnancy after performing a sexual intercourse, proper safety measurement should be taken to avoid pregnancy.


For example use of contraceptives is the simplest way to avoid pregnancy. Use of condom is the most common and easiest way to avoid pregnancy. You can avoid pregnancy by taking contraceptive pills also. However, in most of the cases these contraceptive pills have adverse effect on the health. Therefore a prolonged use of contraceptive pills can lead to various other health complications. You are advised to consult your doctor before using any type of contraceptive pill.


It should be noted that repeated abortion may lead to serious health complications and hence it is wise to avoid pregnancy the time of sexual activity. A repeated abortion may increase the chances of breast cancer. It also leads to the problems like stress, constipation, indigestion, lack of appetite, depression etc. A balance diet rich in vitamins and minerals is very helpful after abortion. Drinking water in plenty is also beneficial to maintain a good health. In case of any type of health complications after abortion, you should consult your doctor.

How to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy