How to Banish Bad Breath

Bad breath is an instant turn off. No matter how attractive you look, the moment you open your mouth and if it starts stinking, no body will bear your presence. This is a common problem and there are sprays and gums available in the market as short-term solution.

For long-term solution, you need to know from where it originates and how it can be treated. Bad breath is formed due to bacteria formation in the mouth. This odor producing bacteria releases sulphur composites to the entire inner area of mouth that comprises of tongue, gums and teeth. This bacteria formation results in bad breath. Are you facing similar problem and want to know how to cure bad breath? Read on!

Reasons of Bad Breath
Before we get into bad breath treatment, let’s discuss the reasons behind its occurrence. Also known as Halitosis, bad breath is formed due to several factors apart from formation of bacteria in the mouth. It might happen if you suffer from throat infections, gum diseases, intestinal worms, dental decay, constipation and accretion of food-remains between teeth. Also bad habits like drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco or smoking can lead to bad breath. Eating onion or garlic also causes bad breath.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Using Fenuqreek can be effectively used for bad breath treatment. Prepare tea from the seeds of Fenuqreek and use it regularly for better results. To prepare the tea, take 1/2 litre cold water and add 1 teaspoon of seeds into it. Put it over low flame for some 15 minutes and then strain it. Drink it as tea.

Buy slightly raw guava and eat it. It works wonderfully for gums and teeth because of its ingredients like oxalic acid, tannic acid, malic acid and phosphoric acid. Not only it prevents bad breath but also cures gum-bleeding. Apart from guava, raw juices of other fruits and green vegetables are particularly helpful.

Other common remedies include regular eating of yogurt and apple, chewing clove, mint leaves, cardamom seeds and sunflower seeds, gargling with lemon water, etc. Above all, brushing teeth in the morning and after dinner is a must-do thing to cure bad breath.