How To Be Fit With Hyperthyroidism

The hormone thyroid produced by the body plays a vital role in regulating the metabolism of the body. The excess production of thyroid hormone leads to hyperthyroidism. The symptoms may include sleep disorders, weight loss, excess sweating, hypertension, anxiety and tachycardia.

Monitoring physical activity, diet and medications treats hyperthyroidism. Controlling diet may not very important at first, but when hyperthyroidism is controlled to some extent  by medication, one may start gaining weight. Exercise may help to boost the health of a person under treatment for hyperthyroidism. However it is better to discuss the exercise schedule with your physician before you start doing exercises.

One may suffer from shortness of breath and intolerance to exercise when one first starts an exercise schedule. So it is best to first start doing low impact cardiovascular exercises. It is best to start doing physical exercises like walking, rowing, swimming and bicycling. It is best to stop once one is tired of exercising and not overdo it.

Next it is best to avoid too heavy exercises like lifting of  weights. These exercises may increase ones body metabolism and may also lead to high blood pressure. One’s physician is to best person to advice you when you can start training on heavy weights.

Besides it is not good to take up exercising for long  periods if one is a victim of hyperthyroidism. One should make it a point to take rests at periodic intervals.  It is also necessary that one takes longer warm-up and cool down sessions to allow the body’s metabolism to come back to normal.

The heart rate of a person with hyperthyroidism takes much longer to come back to normal. Including deep breathing and relaxation exercises help to strengthen the weak respiratory muscles of the person. Yes, deep breathing  and relaxation exercises for about ten minutes during the cool down session does help the body to come back to the resting and normal state gradually.

To end, one can definitely be fit when affected by hyperthyroidism if one takes care of ones diet, medications and exercise patterns.