How To Be Happy And Lose Weight

It is easy to say one should lose weight, but it is not easily done as it is said. If anyone is happy, and satisfied he can lose weight more easily. Here are a few steps to follow to be happy and lose weight the happy and cheerful way.

It is most important to enjoy whatever you are doing to lose weight. It is good to work-out, but when anyone enjoys doing it , they would be motivated to eat healthy and nutritious food and will get over the tendency to reward oneself with rich and unhealthy food.

It has been observed that most people feel happy and satisfied when they eat a meal containing whole-grains, vegetables, and other high fiber foods.This not only activates the metabolism but also helps restrict the amount of food one eats. So it also helps to lose weight.

Taking of a bowl of vegetable soup daily helps one to feel happy and satisfied. Besides it is very good for the digestive system too. Hence a bowl of soup helps one to eat less and lose weight.

It is best to avoid reading, watching the TV or working when having a meal. Allot that time to concentrate on eating your meals only. Building relationships with family members or friends across the table will help one feel good and connected and he will feel less hungry.

One should always appreciate and eat food that one likes to eat. Once a person does not feel deprived, he will feel happy and definately be successful when he wants to lose weight. Happiness and satisfaction help to bring about satiety of needs faster.

A feeling of change and some activity can come from going for a half an hour walk or doing activities like cleaning, gardening and dancing. These activities help a person to be happy and he is sure to lose weight.

One can give himself a daily massage not in a beauty parlor but at his home by rubbing and cleaning his body at home when he has a bath. He is bound to feel good because the massage not only activates his blood and lymph but also helps circulation of energy and increases the metabolism to help lose weight.

One can feel good and be happy in the morning if one takes his dinner about 3 hours before he retires to bed. This practise helps the liver get rid of storing unused nutrients, neutralize acidity and also detoxify the body. This is bound to help to lose weight.

By following all these steps one is bound to be happy and lose weight the healthy way.