How to Beat Jet Lag Naturally

The thought of traveling seems like a nightmare to most people. Being confined in a tiny plane with few food options and hours of sitting without being able to move with ease can cause a lot of hassle. Added to that the headaches and back pains that you suffer after being on a long flight makes you want to forget the idea of traveling all together. After all the stress that you go through to reach your location; the last thing that you need to battle is a change of time zones. This is especially difficult for children.

Before you get onto a plane make sure that you rest well the day before. Chances are that you may not be able to sleep on the flight; this is especially true if you are traveling with your children. Remember to wear the clothes that you are most comfortable in. Wearing tight clothes will make you uneasy and loose clothes will be the best option. Always carry a blanket to keep you warm. In order to beat the joints and back pain; walk around on the flight. This will help to ease your muscles and reduces the possibility of muscle cramps.

Refrain from drinking alcohol when you are traveling. This tends to dehydrate your body. Opt for fresh juices, water and beverages instead. You may choose to have a cup of tea or coffee but make sure that you ask for a decaffeinated version to help you to rest as much as possible. Before you leaves for your flight have a meal that is high in protein. This will boost your energy levels and keep you awake during the day. Avoid drinking milk though as it may not react well with the altitude.

If you are crossing a time zone then make sure to take an evening flight. In this way once you board the flight you will get a few hours of rest. Change the time on your watch as soon as you change a time zone in order to be able to understand the current time that you are in. It helps to keep a track especially when you are changing flights mid way.