How To Beat The Heat And Avoid Dehydration

Most of us are unaware of the severe disruption dehydration can cause our body. This condition effects the skin as well as the overall health. In the most severe state the condition can lead to death.

The highest number of cases recorded is during the hot summer months. This is due to the fact that water from the body is lost by perspiration, breathing and waste elimination and the amount of water lost during the hotter months is higher when compared with the other seasons. This does not mean to say that one needs to maintain hydration only during this time of the year. In order to have a clear complexion with radiant skin as well as to maintain your health you need to maintain our hydration levels daily.

During the warmer months of the year you loose one liter of water per hour. This means that your body is loosing more water that you are supplying it. In order to prevent this you must drink a tall glass of water as often as you can. This helps to replenish the body and all the organs. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times so that when you are thirsty you do not grab a bottle of cola but drink water instead.

During the warmer months you must also take precautions to avoid hot air from blowing into your house. The common entrants for hot air blasts are the doors, windows and the fireplace. Start with blocking all vents that may blow in hot blasts. Close the doors and windows in the afternoon to prevent sunlight and hot air from entering in the house. You can also use curtains to block the sun; ensure that you have lighter colored curtains so that you can block out the sunlight.

Avoid exercising and over exerting during summer. If you must then you must do so either in the morning before sunrise or after sunset. Doing so will prevent loss of excess water from the body. You also need to keep a watch on the amount of liquids that you consume. For every cup of caffeine drink you need to drink 2 glasses of water. Drinks like coffee, tea, energy drinks and alcohol cause dehydration due to caffeine content in them and hence you must avoid or limit your consumption of the drink.

The human body takes 14 days to acclimatize to the change in weather and hence you need to increase your water consumption with the change in weather. You must also avoid eating red meats and choose juicy vegetables and fresh fruits for your main meals and for your snack times. Vegetables and fruits are a source of water and thus they increase your levels of hydration.