How To Boost Male Fertility With Natural Cures


Male fertility is an internal ability, which helps men to produce healthy sperm in their body. Near about 40% of men are facing infertility problem throughout the world. Even it is also a big problem among 40% of women. Due to this condition, about 15 to 20% of couples are unable to have a child and it is a very emotionally frustrating experience for them.

The pituitary gland, which produces the hormones that improve the production of sperm in the body, gets affected due to this problem. Poor eating and bad lifestyle, excessive body temperature for illness, tight fitting clothes and sitting in hot tubs for long time can damage the proper production of sperm and as a result, the infertility disorder takes place in the body.

Male Fertility- Some natural cures:

If you have the fertility problem, you can take Asian ginseng or Siberian ginseng as a tonic, which is an effective natural remedy that can help you to stimulate the immune system and increase the sperm count in a short time. You can take around 150 to 250 mg of the mixture everyday for 2 to 3 months continuously.

Another remedy would be consuming a mixture of 2 tsp of Indian ginseng with half a glass of warm milk twice in a day for about one month as it helps you to increase the firmness and length of an erection. Furthermore, you can prepare a fine mixture of maca and orange juice to boost your sperm production. The mixture should be taken twice daily for about 3 to 4 weeks.

To boost your fertility you should make a mixture by boiling some roots of astralagus with one cup of water until the residue gets reduced to half. Leave it to cool and consume it once a day as it can improve the deficiency in your body. You can use flaxseeds oil or olive oil to cook your foods to heal the infertility condition, as they are very helpful to produce sperm. To get more energy you can eat 2 tsp of pumpkin powder that is made by grinding some pumpkin seeds twice every day for about 30 to 40 days repeatedly, as it has the essential fatty acids that maintain the healthy function of the reproductive system.

To improve your fertility you should take sarsaparilla everyday. You can also use the saw palmetto as a sexual tonic to increase the production of sperm. Again, you should consume 4 to 6 gm of arginine once in a day for about 2 to 3 months to treat your infertility problem in a faster way. Another effective herbal remedy would be consuming 100 mg of panax ginseng, which is also known as Korean ginseng everyday as it can improve the testosterone levels and sperm motility firmly.

Include some fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grain, fish, poultry, legumes, nuts and seeds in your daily diet. Drink a plenty of water during a day for better hydration as it can help you to enrich the energy in your body. You should try to avoid intake of saturated fats, refined foods, junk foods, tea, coffee, sugars, alcohol, smoking and caffeine.