How to Boost your Immune System in the Right Direction

The one system that seems to be the most important in your body is your immune system. It helps to fight diseases and prevents illnesses. With a healthy immune system you are able to have fewer illnesses, increase your energy levels and reduce stress levels, recover quickly from illnesses and slow down your aging process. In addition to that you also have a greater chance to fight against cancer. Thus boosting your immune system and making sure that it is in mint condition needs to be one of your main priorities.

One sure way to boost your immune system is to avoid alcohol completely. Alcohol is known to be intoxicating and it is toxic to your system. They allow free radicals to take over your system and causes diseases as they destroy the cells that fight the diseases.

Nicotine must be avoided as well. The cigarettes that you smoke are mostly tar based and the fumes that enter your body increase the toxic levels in your system and affect the health of your immune system.

A healthy well balanced diet also ensures the health of your immune system. The diet must consist of vegetables, yogurt and fruits. Cutting down on your consumption of fats and sugars will improve the health of your immune system. Vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron and zinc are really important for your body. You must get these from your diet as far as possible, if not then you can get them through supplements, though you stand to benefit more from the former rather than the latter.

Infants need to build up a good immune system as they are most susceptible to diseases. The best way for a child to build a healthy immune system is to get it from breast milk. The milk consists of anti bodies that are carried through the blood stream and strengthen the immune system of the child. Research has proven that children who are breast fed have stronger immune systems that those that were not.