How To Bring Interstitial Cystitis Under Control

Women who have gone through the agony of frequent urination accompanied with pain in the abdominal public area know what it is to experience intestinal cystitis. This mysterious bladder infection affects ten times more women than men. However, you can bring intestinal cystitis, the living out of the bathroom experience, under control.

Doctors think that a defect in the bladder’s lining, a virus or some auto-immune disease that affects many women of childbearing age. Rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus are also associated with interstitial cystitis. Besides a whole-range of anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications, some natural methods could also help to bring interstitial cystitis under control.

Women who wish to bring interstitial cystitis under control could start off by avoiding acidic foods. Reducing the use of tomatoes, strawberries, citrus fruit and curry or other spices lessen the irritability of the bladder and reduces the frequency of interstitial cystitis attacks.

At the same time it is good to increase the alkaline content in food. Taking half of a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water three to five times a day for a few days could really help. In addition reducing the consumption of caffeine as tea and coffee helps to reduce the diuretic affect.

The best way to control the misery of interstitial cystitis; bringing it under control is to visualize and imagine cool zones around the pain. One cannot reduce the pain but can definitely redefine it as a better cooler and better sensation.

Doing meditative deep breathing helps to relax any woman having an interstitial cystitis attack. Pain control and rehabilitation experts find shifting one’s attention away from pain and toward breathing makes one more relaxed and the pain less intense. Any woman can by doing deep breathing exercises be able to control interstitial cystitis attacks.

In addition it is best to exercise and walk out one’s pain due to interstitial cystitis attacks. Exercise like walking helps to boost up one’s spirit. However doing strenuous exercises that kindle the bladder is to be avoided at all cost. Exercise like walking is gentle but help to keep one’s energy level high and also help to increase the flow of endorphins; the natural painkillers in ones body.

Best wishes for a healthy life by gaining control over interstitial cystitis.