How to Build Muscle Mass

For many years, people have been looking for ways to help them build muscles and change their physical appearance in a short period of time. The truth is there is no short cut available that will transform your body into excellent condition overnight. However a little hard work and a lot of determination and dedication would help you to build muscles quickly and you would be able to achieve your desired goal.

Developing an effective workout plan should be your first priority. Once you have this in place it will help you to focus on your goal. Not having a plan of action available would lead to a lot of waste of time and would also lead to de-motivation. Ideally your workout schedule should have one day of rest and six days of workout per week. Divide the six workout days in such a way as to include three days of heavy workout and three days of light workout. On the days that you would be doing a heavy workout remember to keep yourself hydrated and exercise under the watchful eye of a professional or a partner. On the days that you’re doing a light workout lift lighter weights but not too light. Ensure that there is some amount of strain on the body so as to avoid cheating yourself. On the day that your rest or don’t work out don’t laze around, instead use the time to prepare for the rest of the week. You could use this time to go out shopping for groceries or take a walk in the park or even socialize. One important point to remember is that you should avoid any and all alcoholic beverages.

When lifting weights you should concentrate on your form. Ensuring that your form is good also helps to speed up the process of building muscles quickly while lifting weights. You should concentrate on lifting the weight slowly and with good form instead of focusing on how many times you can lift that particular quantity of weight. It is better to be able to complete one set with good form rather that doing about 5 or 6 sets sloppily.

When you are using a lighter set of weights for your workout remember to flex while working out. When you work out; your muscles are not aware of how many pounds they are lifting and therefore it is necessary to keep increasing the amount of weight to exert the muscles. Lifting lighter weights helps you build strength and muscle quicker if accompanied by flexing appropriately when you exercise. Flexing while exercising makes the brain feel that the muscle is doing more work and thus generates more neurotransmitters to that muscle.

When you are performing a set of lifting exercise make sure that you work the muscle until you are extremely tired. What this means is that you should perform the exercise till the muscles are unable to work anymore without shaking vigorously. A simple way to attain muscle failure is to perform the exercises keeping the figure of a triangle in mind, starting at 10 repetitions per set and counting down to 1. Once you reach 1 on the first set, start the second set by counting from 9 to 1, subsequently the next set would start from 8 to 1 and work your way up the triangle. It is important that you have a partner to spot you while you exercise like this.

Apart from all the physical exercise that you would be undertaking to help you build great muscles make sure that you don’t avoid eating healthy. Many people overlook the diet portion of gaining muscle. It is important that you use “Premium fuel for your engine”. Get in touch with a dietician who would be able to help you come up with a suitable plan.