How to Care for a Blister and Help it to Heal

A blister forms when a surface of the skin is rubbed several times in the same area. If the rubbing happens constantly then you worsen the condition of the blister. The first thing that you need to do to cure it is to prevent the rubbing. They can cause a lot of pain and if you do not pay attention to it you could risk an infection. They form almost anywhere on the body; though the most common area for it to form is the feet. This happens when we wear uncomfortable footwear or footwear that does not fit well. When the shoe rubs against the skin it leads to a blister. In this case you either need to wear socks to prevent the blisters from forming or wear shoes that fit you well.

If the blister has already formed then you must take care of it so that it heals quickly and does not spread the infection. The first thing you must do is to wash the affected area with warm water and a mild anti septic soap. The blister is most likely to be filled with puss and you must make sure that you rub the area gently in order to prevent the blister from erupting. Make sure that you dry the area and then use an ointment on it in order to help it to heal quickly. Do not pop the blister; if you do you run the risk of spreading the infection. It will most likely heal within 3 to 4 days. When this happens you must keep it closed and well protected.

After the blister heals and dries out you will notice that the skin in the surrounding area gets dry and looks flaky. When this happens you must soak your feet in warm water. After a few minutes rub the area gently with a pumice stone in order to get rid of the dead skin that gets dry and discolored.

If you notice that the blister gets red or streaks begin to form around the blister then it may have already formed an infection and it would be best to show it to a doctor immediately.