How To Care For Your Skin At Home

To care for your skin has never been expensive only if you used those common things you find at home in your kitchen or refridgerator. They are natural and worth a lot more than any of those chemical cosmetics marketed all over the world.

You can care for your skin which is dry or sensitive by using banana, the most common fruit available in the market. It can be mashed and applied on your skin. Just see the magic it has done to your skin when you rinse it off  just after 5 or 10 minutes. Honey, an antiseptic is good to be used on dry skin. Make a face mask with 1 tablespoon honey, a lightly beaten egg white, a teaspoon of glycerin and finely ground oatmeal. This mask moisturizes your skin. Just rinse it off after 20 minutes and see feel the softness of your  skin.

Coconut milk can be combined with honey and massaged on the skin. Then it could be rinsed in about 15 minutes.

You can care for your skin if it is oily by preparing a skin toner with cider vinegar and water. Even tomatoes pureed and applied on the skin could make a good face mask. It could easily be washed off in 15 minutes. Oatmeal mixed with lemon juice and a lightly beaten egg white could be applied as a paste and rinsed out after it is fully dried. You could pamper your skin at home and need not go to a beauty parlor.

How about that strawberry face mask to care for your skin at home. Just crush strawberries and apply for just 5 minutes on your face and see it work wonders. However both tomato and strawberry face mask may run at times on your face.

Honey is an all time good skin product and works well on dry skins too. Just use it with pureed ripe peach and wash out after 5 minutes.

I am sure, you would find it more economical and better to take care of your skin at home. Believe me, it is best to use natural ingredients found at home to make your beauty products and save money and your skin from the harsh effects of chemicals.