How to Clean the Air in your House to Prevent Respiratory Diseases

Cleaning and filtering the air inside your house helps to take care of the symptoms of asthma and breathing related disorders. Often the air that is in the house is only filtered in the ventilation system and rarely do we let in the fresh air. This is particularly common in winter. There are a few techniques that you can adopt to make sure that your house is free of pollutants that cause respiratory diseases.

You can start with the smokers. Eliminate the traces of nicotine in your house by getting family members and visitors to smoke on the patio or anywhere outside the house in order to eliminate smoke from the house completely.

Look for water logging around the house and the basement. The stagnant water tends to create molds. Trace the water patches, clean it up and prevent further dampness by patching up all dampness and water covered areas. Common areas where moulds would form are the areas under the sink and the bath tub.

Air out your house once a week, especially the bedroom. Wash linen, bed sheets, curtains and bed spreads. Keep the mattress in the sun for a day or two to get rid of the bacteria that may have built up in it.

Vacuum the carpets in your house regularly. Use a cleaner that does not blow the dirt back into the room but has a sucking and collection capacity to capture dust and pollen.

Before you get into summer or general weather where you use the air conditioning you must replace the filters of the furnace.

Kitchen dust cloths and wash cloths and the kitchen taps are the main culprits of dirt and germs. You touch the wash cloth and then your body and you transfer germs to your body naturally. Replace the cloths and wash your sink and tap with disinfectant regularly.