How to Color your Hair at Home

We all love to experiment with our hair. From cuts to styles to colors you have tried it all. But have you ever colored your hair at home? It is a simple inexpensive affair and you can do it in the comfort of your house.

What products will you need?

You will need a color brush, gloves, a bowl that you can throw away and of course the most important thing the hair color. Choose a brand and color that suits your personality.

What to do and how to do it?

You will first need to take a strand test. This is done by applying the color to a few strands of hair. This step is done to check if you are allergic to the color. It also helps to check the shade of the color. Does a strand test atleast 3 days prior to coloring your hair. While buying the product please check the volume number on the kit. You will need anything between 30 and 40 for the original color to touch hair. If you are not able to get it from the carton ask the counter staff. Make sure she shows you evidence. Do not trust her word.

On the day of the color job make sure you wear your gloves before you begin. The previous night make sure you wash your hair but do not use a conditioner. Divide your hair into various sections and tie up each section separately. Start by coloring either from one side or from the back portion. Use the color evenly. Do not let the color drip. Once you have colored all sections, rub your hands through your hair to spread the color evenly.

Leave the color on for more than the mentioned time to get a perfect shade.

Caution: Never apply color to the roots of your hair