How to Conduct a Testicular Self Examination

Some studies have shown that a man’s risk of acquiring testicular cancer is about 1 in every 250 men. It is common among men in their mid twenties and primarily affects men in the age group of fifteen to forty. Testicular cancer unlike other forms of cancer has the highest chances of being cured and chemotherapy offers a high cure rate.A self examination is easy and hardy takes a couple of minutes. It is important to be able to diagnose it early in order to curb it from spreading.

After a warm shower or a bath firmly grasp the left testicle with the index finger and the middle finger below it and the thumb on the top and gently roll the testical in between these fingers paying close attention to the shape of the testical and feeling for any lumps or hard protrusions. A lump would be about the size of a pea. Towards the back and top region of the testical is the epididymis which could feel had however should be ignored. Now follow the same procedure for the right testical. Hold the testical firmly between the index and middle finger and the thumb and roll it gently feeling for any lumps as earlier.

The testicles should feel smooth. Sometimes however one may notice or feel ridges on the surface of the testicle. This could occur due to enlarged blood vessels. This could also be because of tumor growth and should not be ignored. Lumps maybe observed in one of the testicles and not necessary in both of them. Other symptoms could be one or more of the following. The testicles may feel abnormally sensitive or could be either numb or in pain. Sexual disinterest and loss of sexual activity or interest could be further signs.

After the examination if you do come across any off the symptoms it is high recommended to visit a medical doctor at the earliest for proper care and treatment. As a thumb rule one should carry out a self examination once a month.