How to Control and Avoid Excessive Perspiration

Perspiration or in common man’s language sweating is a way of your body reducing the temperature that it is under and avoiding stress. There are several ways to reduce excessive loss of water from your body as well as take care of any odor that may be emitted as a result of the perspiration. Common areas that are affected are under arms, neck and chest and for women under their breasts. Sweating can make you uncomfortable and increase the chances of infections and acne.

If your bout of perspiration is related to stress then you must learn to calm your nerves in stressful situations. Avoid stressors if possible. Sleep well at night to prevent getting extremely stressed out and unnerved.

Maintain good hygiene. Bathe in warm water and not hot water. After bath wipe yourself well and use powder all over your body. Follow this with an anti perspirant spray or deodorant. Do not apply immediately after a bath as it will cause a stinging sensation on your skin.

Another effective remedy is to use corn starch. Simply sprinkle the powder all over your body and watch your temperature cool down immediately.

Avoid wearing clothes that will cause you to sweat. During the summer, wear light cotton clothes that will help your skin to breathe. Do not layer too much as you will suffocate yourself. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics if you have a tendency to perspire excessively.

Relax and perform relaxation exercises as they help to calm your nerves. Yoga exercises help to reduce your stress levels and improve your mental health thereby reducing the perspiration.

When you perspire you lose water from your body and put yourself at risk of a heart stroke or a sun stroke. Drink plenty liquids to get rid of the issue. Fruits have a high water content and you must have a few servings per day.

Bathe regularly to avoid body odor.