How to Control and Manage Allergies During Pregnancy

One of the best ways to manage allergies is to avoid the things that you are allergic to. This is especially important when you are pregnant as adding new drugs to your system is not recommended. However, there are certain allergies like pollen that no matter what you try you are not able to avoid them.

Managing allergies during your pregnancy

If you are having an allergic reaction to certain products, foods or medications during the term of your pregnancy; then you must inform your doctor immediately. There are several medications that fall into the Category B medication class that are field that are safe for you at this point in time. While most of them are available without a prescription; it is best to consult your doctor before you try anything.

Nasal sprays are generally less harmful to your baby but provides you relief at the same time. 3 to 6 drops are administered to your nasal passage twice a day to provide relief. A few other ways to administer nasal sprays if you fear ingesting them is to use them as a hot water steam. Decongestants provide quick relief however it is not recommended during the first trimester. This falls in the pregnancy C category and is safe from the second trimester onwards.

Immunotherapy allergy shots are considered safe during the entire term of your pregnancy and can be administered without any fear. However it is not recommended that you begin the therapy at the start of your term. The dosage should not be increased in fact it should be lowered by 50 %.

Medical nasal sprays are recommended to be used even before the onset of the allergy; that is you need to start using it as son as you come across a symptom of an allergy. This falls in the pregnancy category B and is available over the counter. Hence it is the preferred choice of allergy medication.

Any form of medication must be administered only under the consultation of your doctor.