How to Control and Overcome Body Odor

If you suffer from body odor you must be in a situation where you are embarrassed by the way you smell. Body odor is the odor that is emitted from your body as a result of the perspiration and activity that your body goes through.

When you perspire; your body gives out water and this gets absorbed by the skin if it is not wiped off. The bacteria in the perspiration then begin to multiply and give out a distinct odor that leads to a foul smell. In order to take care of this you need to start off with maintaining basic hygiene. Bathing 2 to 3 times a day if you perspire a lot is a must. This helps to get rid of the bacteria and washes away the odor. Use warm water as it is more effective. Use an anti bacterial soap that helps to get rid of the bacteria and prevents the growth of new germs.

After a bath, use talcum powder on your torso to soak in the water that you loose in the form of perspiration. You can also use a deodorant or a perfume to hide the odor. The best thing you can do is to use rose water on your body. The sweet aroma helps to hide any hints of body odor.

Change all your clothes frequently, including your under garments. A recent survey stated that women change their bras only 7 times a year. Remember, that the area under your breasts where the lower band of the bra lies collects the sweat and multiplies the growth of the bacteria. Changing your clothes prevents the possibility of odor emitting from your body.

You must also avoid eating extremely spicy food; the kinds that make you sweat bullets. This causes the body to release odor and to increase the amount of water lost from your body.

Keep your body well hydrated in order to take care of reducing the possibility of spreading the germs.