How to Control Bacterial Infections in Children

Children are susceptible to various bacterial infections. No matter how clean you keep your living space your children attract bacteria every minute of every day. It is important to keep the children safe from bacterial infections as their immune systems may not always be strong enough to fight the infections and this could be dangerous.

If you notice any sort of infection even a tiny bite on your chills it is very important that you visit your doctor immediately. If you are unable to get an appointment with your doctor immediately then there are a few home remedies that you can try in order to control the infection and prevent it from spreading rapidly to different parts of the body.

As soon as you notice an infection you need to wash the area with warm water and a mild anti septic soap. Use a clean towel and dab the area when you are drying the child’s skin; do not rub the skin as it may cause the skin to erupt and this will spread the infection. Avoid sharing any articles of clothing with other children.

When you notice an infection you need to ensure that you change the child’s linen daily; this includes bedspreads and pillow covers. Keep the child clean at all times and restrict movement to the inside of the house; going to the playground is not suitable for a child with a bacterial infection as the changes on the bacteria spreading is high in this environment.

Avoid giving the child food that is extremely spicy when he is diagnosed with a bacterial infection. Instead give the child a lot of fresh fruits and juices. Milk is a good option as the calcium helps to keep the child strong while it also increases energy levels; this will help to fight the infection. Add turmeric and honey to the milk; the anti bacterial properties of these natural products will help to fight off the infection.

If the child complains of itching sensation on the skin then rub the generous layer of Calamine lotion on your skin in order to soothe the skin and prevent the child from scratching the surface of the skin. Do not use any cosmetic powders or perfumed soaps on the skin to soothe it as it will increase the irritation.