How to Control Dandruff

When your scalp releases the remains of dead skin in the form of white flakes, then you are affected with dandruff. This is a common problem that makes itchy feeling on the scalp and damages hair.

Dandruff is not always formed because of dryness of skin. The white flakes on scalp due to dry skin are smaller and less oily. The oily flakes are rather real dandruffs. Dandruffs can form on scalp when the oil glands get blocked causing excessive dryness of scalp. Unhealthy food habits can also cause dandruff. Those who eat excessive oily foods or junk foods, often develop dandruff on their scalp. If you are facing this problem, you must take adequate steps to avoid dandruff and indulge into proper hair care remedies.

Food Habits

If you are suffering from severe dandruff, it is the time to change your food habits. Avoid taking fatty foods, animal proteins, sea foods, dairy products, sugar, chocolates, etc. Also, cut down your daily dose of beverages like coffee and tea. Foods with vitamin C ingredient must also be removed from your diet. Thus, you have to bid goodbye temporarily to oranges, lemons, tomatoes, etc. Get lots and lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables into your diet. Grams and cereals are also beneficial for that healthy diet. Above all, drink sufficient quantity of water.

Home Remedies

-You can prepare some effective mixture at your home for dandruff control.

-Use small amount of cosmetic vinegar and hot water and put all over your scalp. Cover your head with a towel and leave it over night. Do this twice a week for better results.

-Mix ginger root with olive oil and apply it regularly. It fights dandruff and strengthens hair.

-Curd is a very effective solution. Use a fermented curd and massage it all over your hair and scalp. Wash after one hour and get good benefit.

-Prepare a sandalwood oil paste and mix with lots of lemon juice. Put the mixture on your scalp and fight dandruff.

Wash Hair Regularly

Proper care and regular hair wash helps to keep dandruff away from hair. Aloe Vera leaves and lemon juice are equally effective for dandruff control. Make an aloe Vera gel and apply on scalp at night. Wash off with a good shampoo next morning. After the hair wash, you can rinse with fresh lime juice to make your hair and scalp free from dandruff.