How To Control Foot Odor

How To Control Foot Odor

Imagine going into a trial room and having to remove your shoes to try on a pair of skin tight jeans. As you open the door to get your friend’s opinion on the fit, you suddenly realize the sales staff is spraying the store with a room freshener to save everyone from fainting from your stinky shoes. Embarrassed, wish you could just become invisible? If this has ever happened to you, try some of the below mentioned tips to get rid of shoe odor.


Shoe odor obviously results from foot odor and excessive perspiration is one of the main causes. If you are into any kind of sport or any other activity that causes excessive perspiration, personal hygiene is extremely important. When taking a shower, make sure to soap your feet and rub soap in between the toes. Use a towel to wipe your feet completely dry, taking care to wipe in between the toes as well. The gaps in between your toes are breeding ground for bacteria that can cause foot odor, which is why, when applying moisturizer, never apply any in between the toes. Make sure you wash and change your socks everyday! If you are going to the gym or are into other kinds of physical activity, change your socks twice a day.

Medicated foot powders

If your feet tend to perspire too much, sprinkle medicated foot powder in your socks. This can be rubbed in between your toes as well, as powder can absorb excess sweat and since it is medicated, it will help control the odor. Medicated foot powders are easily available in most stores. This can also be sprinkled in the shoe to get better results.

shoe shampoo

If you wear shoes which can be washed, use a shoe shampoo to wash them. Put them out in the sun in order to let them dry completely. The natural light will help kill the bacteria.

foot creams

Often, foot odor can be the result of a fungal infection. Check for foot creams that work on fungal infections and use them as per the instructions printed on the box.

Try wearing open foot wear until the infection is cured. Closed shoes will only help the bacteria multiply and make things worse. If the weather makes it impossible to wear open shoes, try staying bare feet when at home. Remember, just because it’s winter it does not mean that you won’t sweat. In fact, our feet tend to sweat more during winter due to the woolen socks or boots that we wear. When you get home wash your feet with warm water and keep them dry.

open shoes

If after trying all of the above, the condition still does not get better, visit your doctor as this might be a serious fungal infection that may require to be treated medically.