How to Control Gastro with Simple Home Remedies

Gastroenteritis is the name that has been given for what is commonly known as stomach flu. Though it is a flu it should however not be confused with influenza as the two are not related in any manner.

Gastroenteritis or stomach flu develops due to inflammation or swelling small intestine and the stomach. Bacteria sometimes get ingested along with food and this causes infection in the stomach which leads to gastro (short for gastroenteritis). There are a few simple things that you should follow in order to avoid this illness. Make sure that all food material is cleaned and cooked properly before you consume the same. Ensure that you do not eat half cooked or raw food as cooking the food material ensures that all harmful bacteria are destroyed during the cooking process. If you still find yourself suffering from gastro in spite of doing the above then there are a few additional things that you would need to keep in mind.

If you are currently suffering from gastro and have diarrhea then avoid consuming solid foods and switch on to a liquid diet immediately. The liquids that you should consume should be clear liquids and continue on this fluid diet for at least 24 hours after diarrhea has subsided. Clear liquids could be anything from lemonade, clear soups or light tea. Due to the diarrhea you will tend to lose a lot of liquid from your body and therefore it is essential that you keep yourself hydrated and have plenty of liquid. Avoid milk and milk based products as they contain bacteria which would only complicate the situation and worsen it.

Once the diarrhea has stopped wait for 24 hours before you try to eat normally again. Avoid heavy food when you start eating again. It will take your stomach sometime to get accustomed to digesting food again so eat light foods. Foods rich in fiber content would be ideal to start with. If you prefer vegetables make sure that they are cleaned and cooked well. If you are a person who prefers salads again ensure that they are washed thoroughly before you consume them.

If your diarrhea doesn’t subside then it is advisable that you consult a doctor who might be able to help ease the discomfort by prescribing some medication.