How To Control Perspiration Naturally

Perspiration is a natural mechanism to bring down the body temperature in extremely hot weather conditions; we could also perspire when we are nervous or anxious. This is very normal and though it cannot be completely eliminated, it can be controlled to a certain extent.

There are many antiperspirants available. Choose from a variety of roll-ons which can be used specially in the armpits, or sprays which are meant mainly for your underarms, but can also be used on other parts of the body. Make sure to read the label to see if says ‘antiperspirant deodorant’. If it says only deodorant, there are chances that it will do only that, de-odorize! Antiperspirants are made to control perspiration.

You can also use talcum powder. Apart from regular talcum powder, look for medicated powders that are available over the counter, to be specially used in the armpits or any other parts of your body.

Try wearing fabrics that allow you skin to breathe and be aired. Dress according to the weather. Use natural fabrics like cotton, in summer as opposed to synthetics like nylon. Synthetic fabrics will make you feel hot and trigger the natural mechanism of your body to perspire in order to cool you down.

If you are someone who gets nervous or anxious easily, when faced with situations that can make you hyper, try taking in a few deep breaths to calm you down. Perspiration is also a way to throw out the toxins from your body. Try drinking a lot water to cool down your body. In hot humid weather, avoid drinking hot beverages.

If you are overweight try loosing the excess weight. Try looking around and notice that people who are overweight tend to perspire more than people with normal body weight. Why? Think about what happens when you put on a jacket when it is already hot. It is the extra layer on your body that makes you perspire more. The same goes for excess body weight.

Excessive perspiration is a condition which affects many people around the globe. This is not limited only to hot climates and certain parts of the body. It could be sweating in cold climates, people complain about sweaty palms, or some people always have sweat trickling down their face and others might complain of sweat patches in their armpits, in spite of using an antiperspirant. This is a condition known as hyperhydrosis and is caused when the sweat glands don’t function normally. Hyperhydrosis does require medical attention.