How To Control Your Diabetes The Natural Way

There are several factors that increase a person’s risk of suffering from diabetes. Firstly, diabetes has been linked to heredity. Also lack of control over ones diet is known to have an impact on their blood sugar levels and this could be the cause of the illness.

Whatever the cause, there are several natural ways to keep your blood sugar under control. If you do not control your blood sugar levels you are at risk. If you want to control your blood sugar levels then you need to keep a strict watch on your diet and get plenty of exercise daily. A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables is very healthy and will help you to keep your blood sugar under control.

Foods like potatoes and rice are rich in starch and thus it is important to keep away from them as the starch breaks down into sugar; this can prove to be harmful if you are diabetic. Reduce the amount of dairy products you consume; those that are low in fat may be consume occasionally. You may also swap white rice for brown rice. Eating plenty of whole grains can also prove to be beneficial to your system.

Control the amount of fats and oils you consume on a daily basis. Meats and fish are generally a rich source of fats and thus they must be avoided. If possible eliminate red meats from your diet completely. Processed foods or those that are pre cooked are unhealthy as they have high amount of fat and sodium in them so it is best to avoid these foods. Process your food in small amounts of oil; cook food in olive oil rather than vegetable oil.

Those suffering from diabetes must exercise daily. Walking for a few minutes everyday is very important. Go jogging once a week to increase your stamina. Increase the amount of physical activity you indulge in everyday. Walk to the grocery store instead of driving or walk your pet every night before you go to bed.

If you suffer from extremely high blood sugar levels then you must increase your consumption of vitamin E. Add plenty of cinnamon to your daily diet and increase the amount of onion and garlic you consume daily.

These are simple tips that will help you to control your blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes if you are at risk of it through your heredity.