How To Control Your High Blood Sugar Today

Ways To Control Your High Blood Sugar Today

Ways To Control Your High Blood Sugar Today

Diabetes or high blood sugar is the gift handed over people of the modern days. These people live a life of stress, have unhealthy diets and lead sedentary lives. High sugar increases the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks, heart diseases and hypertension.

Hence you should make changes in your lifestyle and diet and take steps to control your high blood sugar today. A healthy diet with less sugar, less of fats and less salt could help to prevent  diabetes in you. One should take care to take about 500 kcal/day.


About 60% should come from carbohydrates; wheat or multi cereals are found to be better than rice. Proteins should constitute about 1/6th of your diet. Avoid saturated fats that come from animals like butter, eggs and full cream milk should be avoided or taken in moderation. Go in for toned or no fat milk and avoid red meat. There are other chances of infection also by eating infected meat. Hence it is good to turn into a vegetarian. All these steps contribute to control of high blood sugar today.

Avoid Saturated Fats

In addition high fiber foods like fruits, vegetable and oats as a cereal should be taken. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of minerals and vitamins besides fiber. Oats have a low glyceamic index and also help slow and regular release of sugar for energy.

Sweets made of simple sugar and alcohol should be reduced or even given up. Processed foods that contain a lot of salt and preservatives should be avoided and natural food taken as a healthy alternative. This will help to control high blood sugar today.

Fruits & Vegetable

Exercise plays a vital role in control of high blood sugar and you should start on a step by step incremental aerobic exercise routine today. Patients with heart diseases, retinopathy and autonomic neuropathy should however avoid strenuous exercises. Exercising for about 30 to 45 minutes a day proves to be very useful in reducing weight. Besides yoga, deep breathing exercises help to fight anxiety and stress.


Taking care of one’s feet is important for those with high blood sugar or diabetes. They should never walk bare foot and take care to wear proper fitting shoes and slippers to avoid bruises on the foot. Foot and toes should be kept free of moisture and cracks.

Besides care of nails, toe webs and curing swelling in the toes and feet immediately could help those with high blood sugar or diabetics. To end, good attention to diet, exercise, hygiene and life style changes can help you to control your blood sugar today and for all time to come.