How to Cook for a Diabetic

If you suffer from diabetes or a loved one in your family suffers from diabetes and you are the head of the household that takes care of the cooking then you have to be aware of the restrictions in terms of food. Though the rules for a balanced diet have changed in the past few years; it is still very important to follow a strict diet. You must prepare a diet plan and stick to it in order to be able to satisfy your hunger pangs as well as control your sugar count.

You need to first understand the preferences and food choices of the person or if you are cooking for yourself then you need to take your own choices in to consideration. Remember, being overweight will have a negative impact on your health and hence you need to start with evaluating the amount of calories that you need in order to carry out your daily activities. If you are overweight then you must speak with your doctor or a dietician to help you to control your weight and loose any unnecessary pounds.

If you are overweight you need to reduce the amount of fats that you consume daily. If you are a fan of fried foods then you need to look at other food options. Stir fry, bake, boil and steaming are great alternatives; they are healthy and nutritious and they help you to control your weight yet enjoy a tasty meal.

Be cautious when you are trying new food preparations. These may not settle well with you. When you are trying a new dish you must take note of the changes in your blood sugar. This will help you to understand the effect of the food on your body.

You also need to be aware of the amount of sugar that you consume daily. Living life without sweets seems almost impossible for a person like me who has a sweet tooth; but you need to cut down on sugar consumption if you are diabetic. Use sugar sparingly if you can’t do without using the sweetener. Too much sugar can cause weight gain as well as increase your blood sugar levels drastically. You can indulge once in a while though; try to save your sugar binges for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Control your alcohol consumption as well. Alcohol can not only cause dehydration; it can also aggravate your sugar count and cause weight gain.

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