How to Counteract Depression Naturally

If you are suffering with chronic depression then the best way to fight it is to use alternative remedies that will take your mind of the factors that are leading to the state of depression. You need to first introspect the factors that give rise to the depression and then work your way out of it.

It is best to be use cognitive behavior therapy to fight depression. In this method of therapy you are required to monitor your thoughts to analyze the factors that give rise to the depression. Keep a diary in order to pen down your thoughts; at the end of the day go through the diary to understand the factors that give rise to the depression and avoid these triggers as much as you can. If certain people, relatives or situations bring about the depression then you must avoid these conditions. Eliminate all negative factors from your life, this includes people that let you down and bring about the depression.

Eat a well balanced diet with a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as plenty of whole grains and fiber rich foods. The vitamins and minerals in these foods will help you to lift this negative feeling and get rid of them. Sugar has the power to lift moods so does chocolate, so if you are feeling negative or anxious it is a good idea to load up on these foods. You could also eat plenty of pasta and whole grains. Eating protein and zinc will also help you out.

You also need to get plenty of exercise to get rid of any sort of depression. This helps because when you exercise you release toxins from your body and this gives rise to a fell good factor which automatically elevates the mood. Research has proved that exercising for 30 minutes daily can help to elevate the mood for 12 hours.

Sleeping well at night will also help you out. If you are stressed out then the chances of you begin depressed are high; hence it is important to get a good night’s rest to reduce stress. Inadequate sleep or lack of it can lead to you getting irritated and hence it is best to sleep well at night and prevent irritation, stress and depression. Do not sleep too much either as it can give rise to depression as well. It is best to sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day.