How to Cure a Nose Bleed

Nose bleeds are a common thing. From infants to adults we all suffer from them. They are normally caused either by some extent of damage to the nose or hardened mucus membranes. They are also common in hot climates. They suppress themselves but can be healed faster with a little help.

Home remedies to cure nosebleeds

If you are aware that you suffer from nose bleeds due to hot weathers; then protect yourself as much as you can. Always wear a hat or a cap when you are outdoors in the sun. Drink plenty of water to avoid getting dehydrated.

If your nose bleeds are due to mucus; then avoid blowing your nose for a few days. Instead wash it with warm water.

If you are suffering from it, then all you need to do is sit down with your head leaning backwards. This helps to stop the flow of the blood. Then use a tampon or a roll of tissue in your nostrils to soak in any extra blood hat is still flowing. After a few minutes rub ice on the outside of your nose to ease the membranes and stop the bleeding.

Use a few drops of petroleum jelly and line the inside of your nose to prevent it from bleeding further.

Drink lots of orange juice or have a vitamin C pill. The blood that you have lost due to the nose bleed will make you weak and you will experience dizziness and fatigue. Giving your body a Vitamin C rush will help to improve your stamina and energy levels.

Pinch your nose lightly and breathe through your mouth for a few minutes after the attack in order to avoid straining the passage once more.

Avoid lifting weights and exercising immediately after the attack. Avoid building pressure that leads to rush of blood flow.