How to Cure Ankle Injury

Ankle Injury

Ankle is the part which is more often injured. Ligament sprains are usually occur in the bones and muscles of ankle. Ankle injury usually occurs from sudden outward turning of foot. Extreme pressure, when occurs on the ligaments around ankle, can cause damage to it. A ligament is made up of many strands of compacted together tissues. If ligament get damaged once it affects stability of ankle which depends on the stage of tear. Symptoms of this are painful-swollen ankle. Some marks can also be there because of damaged blood vessels. Some main kinds of foot heel pain include Tendonitis, Plantar fasciitis and Heel spurs. Excessive running, jumping or arthritis can cause plantar fasciitis. Specific exercises, heel inserts and rest is required for its treatment. Tendons of the foot can get negatively affected by wear and tear and can result into Tendonitis.


Sudden increase in physical activity and being overweight can result into Heel spurs that causes inadequate flexibility of calf muscles. Special exercises and proper medication reduces effect of this condition. This pain becomes chronic if it is left untreated. Surgical method like Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy is an alternative of invasive surgery. Patient can wear normal shoes after 3 days of surgery. Ice should be applied to that area. X-ray should be done of the affected area. All the treatments should be done under supervision of a doctor. Severe cases may need surgery for repairing tendons near ankle joint. Bones can become unstable in case of ligament breaking. Ankle ligament in case if not fully healed foot can get twisted even on walking. Exercises can be done with the help of physiotherapist.


By raising outer part of heel than inner this brings relaxation to ligaments. Patients with partial tear in ligaments should do wobble-board exercise. A Podiatrist can correctly determine the correct exercise according to the condition of the patient. An exercise plan can reduce the danger and chances of re-injury. For a very precise exercise program a person should contact skilled Physiotherapist. Exercises strengthen the affected areas. Facilities like acupuncture, massage and ultrasound can also prove to be useful.

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