How to Cure Constipation Naturally

There is no need to explain what constipation is. We all know about it but still feel hesitant to discuss. Constipation can cause headaches, stuffed feeling, nausea and pain in abdomen. If the condition worsens, it can also cause cancer, arthritis and high blood pressure. Extreme water absorption makes passing out very hard and thus we must find out effective ways for constipation treatment.

Natural Cures
It is a common practice that we rush to medicine shop and get a drug whenever we face this problem. However, Natural ways to cure constipation can be much more effective and can work without any adverse effect. Proper hydration of body is a must to make it function smoothly. This state is not achieved whenever there is a water-deficiency in your diet.

It is essential to consume sufficient level of water every day. Six-eight glasses a day is generally suggested by the experts. After drinking sufficient water if you are still confused whether it is enough or not, take a urine test. If your urine has bad smell and has a certain color, you must increase water consumption immediately.

You can also prepare a solution of lemon juice and honey as home remedy for constipation. Take a glass of warm water and mix one teaspoon of lemon juice into it. Add another teaspoon of honey and stir it before drinking. This works quite well to fight constipation. There is another simple and traditional solution to have easiest bowel movements in the morning- drink glassful warm milk.

Healthy Food Habits
If you are facing the problem of constipation, then you must re-work on your diet. Avoid spicy and oily foods that are difficult to digest. Instead of that, switch to salads, fresh green vegetables and fresh fruits. Increase intake of food-content like bran, oatmeal or whole wheat. Do not eat more than requirement and thoroughly chew your food. Above all, exercise regularly to keep your tummy healthy.

By maintaining the above said things, if constipation still occurs on a regular basis and lasts more than 48 hours, consult doctor.