How to Cure Dark Circles

Dark circles not only make one look old but it also provides symptoms of some serious disorders. Dark circles can form due to several factors such as menstruation, menopause, pregnancy and aging.

But most commonly, it happens due to lack of sound sleep, stress and overload of work. Under our eyes, there are numerous blood vessels. When these vessels broaden and blood gets accumulated into them, blood becomes visible under our eyes, as the skin surrounding our eyes is very thin. This situation is known as dark circles, which can happen due to any of the above factors. A good makeup can make dark circles disappear but it is certainly not real. Whenever you take your makeup out, you can prominently notice the dark circles. Hence, you need actual remedies for curing dark circles.

Watch Out Your Lifestyle

How do you spend your whole day? If your answer is working for long hours, spending more than enough time in front of computer or smoking, then you are obviously facing stress, lack of sleep and having no time for exercise. Any of these factors can cause dark circles. Incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Stop smoking or at least cut down the number of cigarettes. Give adequate rest to your eyes and mind by sleeping well.

Watch Out Your Food Habits

How healthy is your food habit? It is not only related to what you are eating, it is also about when you are eating. Take timely food and do not skip essential meals like breakfast. Excessive intake of spicy and oily foods also leads to the formation of dark circles. Spicy foods make nervous system shaky and that can cause dark circles.

Natural Remedies

Dark circle treatment can be done at home. There are several home remedies for dark circles. Take nutmeg and mix it with milk. Make a paste of it and apply around the eyes. It has a natural cooling effect that can remove the dark circles. Take tomato and lime juice in equal proportion and make a mixture. Put it around your eyes every morning after washing your face and leave for some thirty minutes. Lime juice can also be used after mixing with almond oil. This is to be applied before going to bed every night.

Take two cotton balls and simply wet them with rose water. Keep the cotton balls on your eyes for ten minutes as it naturally soothe your eyes and help to reduce dark circles. Most importantly drink lots and lots of water. All these simple procedures can help to cure dark circles.