How To Cure Excessive Uterine Bleeding

Excessive and abnormal uterine bleeding may be bleeding from the uterus at unexpected times or during the menstrual cycle. There could be various causes for uterine bleeding, but one can take steps to control and cure it.  The cure depends on the cause for abnormal uterine bleeding.

The abnormal or excess uterine bleeding could occur during menstrual cycle, between the cycles or it could be prolonged and excess menses. Sometimes excess uterine bleeding could also occur after menopause. In young girls before puberty vaginal bleeding could occur as a consequence of maturing. In some others it may occur due to the existence of foreign body, after rape or an infection.

In older girls who have just attained puberty there may be chances of excess and irregular bleeding at first before the girl starts getting regular periods. It is possible to cure all these causes for abnormal uterine bleeding.

In addition older women may have excessive bleeding due to diseases the interfere with the clotting of blood, fibroid or polyps in the uterus, abnormal structure of the uterus, pelvic inflammation diseases or as consequence of ectopic pregnancy and abortion.  Also certain contraceptive measures like Copper T and oral contraceptives could cause excessive uterine bleeding.

Postmenopausal women may also experience excessive uterine bleeding which could indicate polyps, fibroid or cancer in the uterus.  Women taking hormone replacement therapy may also experience post menopausal heavy uterine bleeding. Whatever be the cause it is possible to cure excessive and abnormal uterine bleeding by treating the cause.

Treating the disease promptly can cure abnormal and excessive uterine bleeding caused by a disease. If the bleeding is due to no apparent cause it could be due to hormonal imbalances and the woman should be given assurance that nothing is seriously wrong. She can be given a low dosage of oral contraceptives or cyclic progesterone hormones if the problem is not severe.  However a good diet will have to be given in the case of excessive bleeding to help the woman to feel energetic again.

In case 0f very heavy bleeding higher doses of estrogen is to be given. If the symptoms still do not recede a D and C may have to be done to correct the situation. If the symptoms still do not recede and if the woman is elderly only the removal of the uterus could remedy the situation.

To conclude never neglect a woman who has abnormal or excessive uterine bleeding but take her to the doctor immediately to help cure her condition.