How to Cure Nappy Rash with Essential Oils

How to Cure Nappy Rash with Essential Oils

Nappy rash is a widespread ailment that is found among the babies. This condition is prevalent among the babies of all countries irrespective of any climatic conditions. Nappy rash is also called diaper rash or napkin dermatitis. These rashes are small in size, red in color and also causes itching and irritation in that particular area when the nappy touches those areas. Nappy rash is a condition that most babies suffer from at some point of time in their childhood.

These rashes are mostly caused from wet, damp and dirty nappies that touches the baby’s skin for a longer period of time than it usually should. Besides this, nappy rashes are also caused from fungal infection.

An ordinary nappy rash does not usually affect the health of the baby and disappears within a few days if the rashes are given some air and the nappies are changed frequently.

Essential Oils

The use of natural products is best for the baby in the treating of nappy rashes. The use of such products protects the baby from the harmful synthetics that are there in the artificial products.

One such natural product is the essential oil
. These essential oils are prepared from the varied parts of the plants and hence the use of these oils has proved to be extremely beneficial for the body of the babies.

The essential oils that are used for the treating of nappy rashes for the babies are roman chamomile oil and lavender oil. Mix these oils together. When the baby needs to change the diaper, first rinse the area of the rash with vinegar and water.

chamomile oil

The area should be cleaned carefully as it is extremely a tender and sensitive area. Then after cleaning the area, the essential oil mixture needs to be applied in generous amount and the diaper should be left off for a few minutes so that the oil gets soaked in the skin and not into the diaper.

This method needs to be repeated at least 3-4 times daily. IT not only cures the nappy rashes but also prevents in the further formation of diaper rashes in the long run.

lavender oil