How To Cure Nasal and Chest Congestion In Infants and Children

A chest congestion is common in babies from the time they are infants and is a major cause for concern with the parents.


A little congestion is not serious but it must be taken care of nonetheless. A few simple home remedies will help to ease the discomfort in breathing that the little one suffers from. The aim is to avoid anti biotic medication and liquefy the mucus that has thickened in the chest.

Tips To Cure Nasal and Chest Congestion

You best bet is to use a humidifier. This increases the moisture in the room thus aiding the process of thinning the mucus and eliminating it. When a baby suffers from a chest congestion it is best for her to breathe warm moist fresh air rather than dry air. Dry air will cause damage to the lungs. Warm mist is best for the chest congestion and can be used in the room that the infant sleeps in.


A nasal spray can be used if the mucus is thick and the child is unable to eliminate it. A saline spray works best and you must avoid using any medicated sprays as they may damage the infant’s respiratory system. It is best to avoid using anti biotic medication on infants as far as possible.

You can also use a nasal aspirator to suck out the mucus. This is done by pulling the mucus out of the child’s nasal canal via the nose. This is done when the mucus is thick and does not get eliminated.


Use a soothing balm like Vicks on the child’s chest. For infants you can use a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on the child’s clothing to help to ease the pain that the child goes through as a result of all the coughing. It will also act as an aid in soothing the child to sleep. Make sure that you do not use large quantities of the balm or oil though as it may cause suffocation and the child may not be able to breathe.

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