How to cure plague naturally

Plague is a zoonotic illness passing largely among the small animals and their parasites. Plague is a bacterial disease originated by Gram-negative bacterium Yersinia pestis. This disease is highly infectious and primarily affects the rodents. Among all the varieties of plague, bubonic plague is the best known expression of the bacterial disease. There are simple yet valuable ways of getting rid of plague naturally.Avoid plague areas: The known areas where plague has already spread or are spreading should be avoided primarily as the first and foremost measure of precaution of avoiding contact with the illness.

Avoiding contact: Plague bacteria in the blood or tissue of the infected animal can enter through cuts and scrapes in the skin or through the eyes, nose and mouth. One must always avoid getting in touch with the sick and the dead animals and their parasites, especially the ailing or deceased rodents. Instead park rangers or the health authorities or the Vector Control Program should be reported immediately. Wearing of gloves is vital in handling the dead animals.

Caution in handling pets: Cats with plague pneumonia can multiply to plague bacteria in the family with their coughing and sneezing. Dogs and cats can also carry the contaminated rodent vermin to the homes or campsite. Hence one should be extremely cautious in handling the sick pet that has been in the plague area.

Bites from fleas: Starving fleas that will leave a sick or dead rodent can bite another animal and even the humans thereby spreading the disease. Hence one must closely administer the pets and the children when one needs to spend time outside in the region with large rodent habitat. Insect repelling should be used on the skin and the clothing to avoid the bites from the fleas that have the capability of spreading the disease.

Face to face contact: One must always avoid face to face contact with the sick pets and even sick humans. Instead a veterinarian should be informed that the sick pet has been in the plague area. In the case of humans, a physician should be informed if one becomes ill within seven days of being in a plague area.