How to Cure Scabies the Natural Way

Scabies is caused by mites that cause itching and burning of the skin with eruptions. These mites live and lay eggs on the human beings. Scabies is contagious so the disease is to be controlled along with its treatment. Scabies can be cured by a combination of medical treatment and natural ways.

Scabies can be controlled to effect good treatment and also to prevent a recurrence. A person having scabies should prevent sexual contacts that may lead to the spread of the disease. Besides it is best for people to abstain from direct contact with the person affected by scabies. It is best to wash the clothes and bed linen with hot water. This would help kill the mites that do not live for long away from the human body.

In addition it is necessary to cut ones nails and clean them well to remove the mites and prevent further growth of the disease. Besides it is necessary to avoid keeping close contact with ones pets to avoid infection or re-infection to and from animals. Children developing scabies should be treated promptly and if possible kept at home till the infection subsides.

The natural ways of treatment of scabies should be carried on along with other medical treatments. Leaves of the apricot  plant can be used in the natural way for a burning and itching skin during an attack of scabies. The fresh juice of the apricot leaves can be extracted and applied externally to the infected itching and burning skin with beneficial effect.

Similarly, the paste of mint leaves can be used as a herbal treatment and applied on the itching infected skin. Mint leaves are sure to provide fast relief from itching skin. The leaves of the drumstick plant have anti-microbial properties. To provide relief from the itch of scabies one can make the juice of about half a kilo of drumsticks leaves and sesame oil. This mixture should first be boiled to remove all water content. It can be cooled and stored in bottle and used daily to apply on the itchy skin. One is sure to have a soothing feeling.

Besides margosa leaves can be chewed or applied on the body to give relief from scabies. A paste of margosa leaves with turmeric powder and mustard oil can be applied all over the body about an hour before bath. On repeating this treatment for about a week one is sure to heal the lesions. The dried bark of the Indian fig tree can be powdered and dusted on the lesions of scabies.

Diluted vinegar can be used with advantage as a natural way to kill scabies mites and also to reduce the redness,  itching, burning and stinging sensation of scabies infection. Sulfur and coconut oil can be used as a paste to be applied to the itchy and red skin areas of the skin to give relief. One more natural way to cure scabies is to apply a mixture of soap, ethyl alcohol, and benzyl benzoate on wet skin after a bath. After the mixture dries the skin should be again painted with the same mixture and washed out after about five minutes. Bengal gram flour can also be used to wash red itchy skin to get good relief.

Hence dear folks do not fear cure of scabies. Taking steps to control it and using natural and herbal methods to help cure this dreaded disease can easily cure it.