4 Ways To Cure Scabies With Natural And Herbal Remedies

4 Ways To Cure Scabies With Natural And Herbal Remedies

Scabies is a skin disease which is caused by mites. The skin becomes red with excessive itching and normally a rash develops in between the toes or fingers, in the hollow of the elbows, on the arms or on the buttocks.

Scabies is highly contagious and care needs to be taken when you are infected. Even babies can be affected easily.

Remedies To Cure Scabies

Wash Your Clothes For Scabies

Wash your clothes separately, soak them in hot water with a disinfectant and also iron every garment. The mites multiply by laying eggs in your skin, which can easily be transferred onto your clothes, the heat from the water and iron helps kill the mites and the eggs.

In ancient Indian medicine, the leaves of the margosa tree, (neem – Indian name) have been used to cure scabies. These need to be boiled in water and made into a paste and applied on the affected area. This helps kill the mites. The leaves are medicinal and can actually kill the mites.

Neem Leaves For Scabies

Essential oils like lavender or tea tree are also used to treat scabies. These are safe on the skin and also ease the itch.Alternatively, cotton can be soaked in the boiled water and used to clean or cover the affected area.

Try using water as hot as you can take when you shower, this helps kill the mites. Avoid soaking in a bath as it increases the risk of you infecting the tub with the mites and this could result in a relapse of the infection. Using a strong medicated soap made especially for skin diseases is also advisable.

Tea Tree Oil For Scabies

Use a fresh towel after every shower and change you clothes twice or thrice a day, taking the washing precautions mentioned above.

Try using the left over onion peels from the onions used in your meal. Boil the peels of about 5 or 6 onions in some water for about 20 minutes. Let the water cool and then apply on the infected area.

Another skin treatment you can try at home is trying mixing a few drops of clove oil with honey and water. Apply this on the skin.

Onion For Scabies

These are home remedies and can prove beneficial in the first two or three days of the infection, if the rash is still bad, consult your doctor as this is a serious skin disease and might require medical guidance.

Cure Scabies With Natural And Herbal Remedies