4 Home Remedies For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

With increasing load of professional, personal and social responsibilities, we are knowingly and unknowing injuring our essential joints. Shoulder is a major joint and one of the common causes of pain with both men and women. It can happen while painting for a long time or even doing normal swimming exercises, throwing ball or making powerful tennis strokes.

Shoulder Pain

Extensive usage of muscles and tendons might cause shoulder pain. It can also happen when there is stress or fatigue between ligaments and bones. Initially, you might feel stiffness in your shoulder joints and gradually that stiffness can turn into much sharper pain. Before starting proper shoulder pain treatment, you must stop any shoulder joint-offending activity, at least for a time being. Now, concentrate on some common but effective home remedies for shoulder pain.

Hot-n-Cool Effect

Identify the affected area of your shoulder and apply ice for 30 minutes. Now warm the area with hot compression bags for 15 minutes. Continue this process for at least an hour. If you have completed your exercises and feeling shoulder stiffness, put ice bag on your shoulder to get relief.

cold compress

Sleeping Posture

While sleeping or resting, use a pillow to rest your shoulders. Try to keep your shoulders above your heart-level. Maintain this posture while sleeping, as helps in fast, if not immediate recovery from shoulder pain.


Bind up

There are very useful elastic compress bandages. Put them on your aching shoulder as the compression act helps to ease the bulge or pain.


Medical Help

If the above steps of curing shoulder pain at home are not working out even after continuing for six weeks, you must consult doctor. Do the necessary tests such as X ray, EMG or MRI as advised by the doctor and start the treatment. Consulting a physiotherapist also helps in several cases.

x ray