How to Cure Toothache with Herbs

There is no pain worse than a toothache. The pain of a tiny tooth can be so unbearable that it get bring tears to the eyes of the strongest of men. Such is the power of a decaying tooth. Unfortunately in some cases we are not able to get an appointment with our dentists immediately and hence we need to try remedies that will help to ease the pain.

If the pain is in sudden spurts then you have a cavity and the air that enters your mouth causes the sudden surge of pain. In this case you must use cotton in your ears to prevents the air from entering your ears and mouth. Rinse your mouth with warm water and salt solution. The salt relieves your pain by almost half.

Hydrogen peroxide that is normally used in the process of whitening your teeth if used as a rinse also helps to kill the germs and bacteria in your mouth. In this case you need to rinse your mouth with the solution. It will cause bubbles to form in your mouth and these will help to get rid of the bacteria and reduce the pain.

Clove oil is effective. Dab clove oil on a cotton swab and rub it in the tooth. The oil will help to reduce the pain. If poured into the cavity the pain will subside and chances of reducing further decay is high.

Rinse your mouth with whiskey but do not swallow the alcohol. What happens in this case s the alcohol reacts with the saliva in your mouth and causes a burning sensation and helps to disinfect the tooth and the area around it.

If you have mouth ulcer or a sore around the tooth then you must eat yogurt. It has healthy bacteria and enzymes that help to kill the bacteria and reduces the pain.

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