9 Natural Cure To Typhoid Fever


Typhoid is a kind of fever that affects the intestines in a human body. It is considered very serious due to its uncertain duration and tendency towards deterioration. It needs to be diagnosed and treated in time, or else it may ulcerate the intestines.

Natural Cure To Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is also infectious, and the most common symptoms include insomnia, headache, nausea, vomiting, feverishness at night and constipation. However, a natural cure at the initial stages is possible and quite safe too.

How To Cure Typhoid Fever Naturally

Holy Basil (tulsi)

Tulisi’s curative properties work great during the typhoid fever. You need four holy basil leaves, seven black pepper grains, and pinch of saffron. Prepare a paste of all the ingredients with little water. You can consume this in tablets form with tepid milk two to three times a day.

Holy Basil

Clove Water

In two liters of boiling water add five cloves. Continue boiling till water reduces to half its quantity. Strain the water and consume frequently throughout the day.

Clove water


Consumption of garlic on an empty stomach helps in reducing the typhoid fever. Garlic boosts the ability of white blood cells and improves the immunity of the body.



It may sound simple but very effective. Soak raisins overnight and consume the next morning. It acts as a natural tonic during the typhoid fever.



During the fever the digestive system is seriously affected and its functionality is impaired. Hot water mixed with honey has a cooling effect on the intestines, and prevents the patient from getting weak. Moreover, honey is a natural energy booster, and its healing properties aids in the treatment of typhoid fever.


Avoid Constipation

Constipation should be avoided at any cost as it may worsen the fever. Increase fluid intake-fresh juices, boiled water, glucose water, soups etc. This will keep constipation at bay. Fresh fruits and fiber rich foods are highly recommended. For active bowel movement, consume psyllium seeds in luke warm milk. Rice gruel can also be consumed as it is light on stomach and rich in nutrients.

Fresh juices


Since the fever originates from the intestine, diet is considered to be very important. You should rely on liquid diet, especially on fruit juices. Solids should be avoided for some time to prevent stomach heaviness. Apple and Lemon (Mausambi) juices are found to be beneficial during typhoid fever.

Banana is ideal during typhoid as it fulfills thirst and hunger. Other than banana, orange also works wonders. Oranges have cooling effect, and give relief from restlessness that often accompanies a typhoid fever.


You can consume orange juice by mixing it with milk, or else eat one orange after drinking the milk. Oranges are great in treating typhoid. After you have recovered from the fever, include lots of protein-rich foods in your diet. These will help to replenish the lost tissues from your body.


Precautionary Measures During Typhoid Fever

Drink Only Boiled And Filtered Water.

Keep foods in air tight containers. Have boiled or steamed food only, and avoid outside food. Coconut water is also an excellent remedy.Strictly avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks, and spicy foods.If typhoid is not accompanied by diarrhea, you can consume dairy products.

Avoid drinks